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At Cpm Ibiza we are releasing a dream that goes beyond the construction of luxury houses

Do you know, those times when you feel a dream is coming true?

We are leaders in building the best villas in Ibiza but we don’t feel as just builders. To us, it’s the fulfilment of a dream. To this end, we are to establish a tight relationship with our customer for that dream to come true. Stories and their main characters give meaning to all this communication which is being established today and they are meant to strengthen our ties with our customers even more if at all possible.

Today is for us one of those satisfying moments, because we see an idea we have been nurturing for months being born. The reason behind all of this elation is because today we release our new communication strategy and our renewed image which strives for transparency in showing who we are and our trust in our customers.

Furthermore, everyone within the CPM Ibiza team was convinced that the company should show its core beliefs. People, excellence and commitment are our most inborn values. And now, our communication strategy will be encouraged by them and will add them to every single step we take.

With this first post, we unveil this blog, which will contain that essence we mentioned before. ‘A home, a dream’. Here, we will try to highlight the most humane side, telling the stories behind each home, speaking to their main characters and living all the experiences, all the passion embedded on each brick. And of course, there we will also talk about the quality of our work. We will comment the most innovative Architectural trends, about the most revolutionary designs, and about the excellence in every process of our work.

Communication with you is really important for us, so we encourage you to follow us on Facebook, InstagramPinterest, Google+ and Linkedin so we can be as close as possible. Welcome and thank you for being part of this adventure that starts today.

Now it’s our turn to share our dream, which goes far beyond luxury villas’ construction in Ibiza. We want to build homes. Thank you. Without you, nothing of this would be even possible.

Now it’s our turn to share our dream, which goes far beyond luxury villas’ construction in Ibiza.