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Room decor, an art in Ibiza villas

The Ibizan lifestyle has crossed many borders. Nowadays this is an Island known worldwide, not just because of its strategic and privileged location, also for its decorative and architectural expressions. Rooms, gardens or verandas stand out because of its distinctive white color as a fundamental tenet of this aesthetic movement. ..

BIM construction at CPM Ibiza

Benefits of the BIM methods on the design and construction of houses in Ibiza

In this post we want to unravel to you the BIM (Building Information Modeling) tool and how we integrate this innovation in our processes to offer the best advantages to our clients. As it is, the guarantee of commitment and excellence we offer in all our work leads us to ..

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5 Green Homes around the world

Nowadays, there are many sectors which have decided to maximize sustainability. In the construction business, sustainable architecture, eco-architecture or eco-design concepts are a growing trend. So, today we can speak about terms like Green Home, Passive House or Zero Energy House, examples of buildings which prioritize efficiency, sustainability and profitability. ..

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At Cpm Ibiza we are releasing a dream that goes beyond the construction of luxury houses

Do you know, those times when you feel a dream is coming true? We are leaders in building the best villas in Ibiza but we don’t feel as just builders.┬áTo us, it’s the fulfilment of a dream. To this end, we are to establish a tight relationship with our customer ..


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